26th - 28th April 2024


from 26th to 28th April 2024, Torres de la Alameda - Madrid (Spain)

Flyer 2024.

Folkarria eco Festi-bal is a folk music festival.

Folkarria eco Festi-bal wants to recover and extend the traditional dances as well as the European folk music, making them a tool for the integration of different cultures, combining them with actions of ecological and responsible awareness, in addition to a series of participative activities for adults and children.

The 12th edition of "Folkarria eco Festi-bal" will be hold throughout a weekend, presenting a musical offer of national and international bands. In addition there will be music and dance workshops of different parts of the world and shows of traditional Spanish folk for all public.

The festival also organizes an eco-social market, a craft market, a space for debates, exhibitions and other activities, as well as art and movement games for children and performances of traditional folk.



Concerts, workshops, activities...

DAHU (Portugal)

Dahú brings us a folk tradition combining extended influences on electronic, rock or choir music. With a concertina and an acoustic guitar “Shoes off” discovers different ambiences -ranging from introspective to energetic - through its instrumental compositions.

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk


Lucas Thébaut is a diatonic accordeon player from Poitou (France). He started music and dance in his early twenties and hasn't stopped yet experimenting to improve phrasing and groove over various repertoires in search of what in dance and music movement will make the specificity, the essence of each dance.

2 hours

Party house


ABRIL (Spain)

The Vigo trio's different musical influences come together in their repertoire, which includes traditional Galician melodies and also from the rest of the peninsula rooted and mixed with more up-to-date sound environments. For this they use flamenco guitar, violin arrangements with American and European influences and more traditional Iberian percussion. They also all use the voice as accompaniment and harmonies in modern music.

2 hours

Party house



With no particular repertoire, Bargainatt draws its inspiration from the dances of various regions of France that are close to its heart, while trying to respect their subtleties and traditions as much as possible. From Auvergne to Brittany, via Poitou and Gascony, Bargainatt takes you on a journey of many colours and influences, full of energy and freshness.

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk


Laurent and Baltazar have been playing with the group Zef since 2002, with whom they have toured Europe playing contemporary compositions based on traditional French dance forms. At the same time, they wanted to create a repertoire of traditional tunes from the places that have shaped their lives and where they have lived. Music from Hungary follows on from songs from Brittany, music from Morvan blends with music from Provence or Gascony, Portugal or Estonia.

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk


Circles, waltzes, chapelloises, tarantellas, bourrées, avant-deux, scottishes, mixers, mazurkas, asymmetrical waltzes, ... All these old and new dances can be learnt quickly and passed on from ball to ball, from workshop to workshop... And to the sound of Grand Balthazar, they take on a whole new dynamism and charm! Grand Balthazar is an ensemble in perpetual creation and at the service of dance.Its taste for improvisation and spontaneity make it an original group in the field of (neo)traditional music.

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk

  • - This program can change.


Folk music from everywhere...


    France, Bal-Folk


    France, Bal-Folk


    Suisse, Bal-Folk

  • DAHU

    Portugal, Bal-Folk


    France, Bal Folk/Poitou


    Spain, Galician/Bal-Folk


Concerts Night


  • Concerts/Bal Folk

Full Festival


* 100€ without discount

  • Concerts
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Music Workshops
  • Dance Workshops
  • Shows

Full Saturday


  • Concerts of day
  • Music Workshops
  • Dance Workshops

Full Sunday


  • Concert of day
  • Dance Workshop
FREE ENTRY: Neighbours of Torres de la Alameda more than 65 years and Children from 0 to 12 years.
DISCOUNT 50%: Retired (with accreditation).
DISCOUNT 50% (For individual tickets): Neighbours of Torres de la Alameda and Children from 13 to 16 years.
DISCOUNT 20% (For individual tickets): Unemployed (with accreditation).
* FULL FESTIVAL (80€): First 100 tickets from 01 March 2024, Unemployed (with accreditation), Neighbours of Torres de la Alameda, Children from 12 to 16 years.
* FULL FESTIVAL (100€): You can buy also your tickets in the ticket office of the festival whenever there is capacity available.
INDIVIDUAL TICKETS: If you only want to participate in certain workshops and concerts, you can buy your ticket directly at the festival.
17€ Concert - 17€ Danse or Music Workshop
* Discounts and promotions cannot be combined and are available at the reception of the festival



Ticket sales for "Folkarria eco-Festi-Bal" will be open from 01 March 2024 at a reduced price of 80€ * (first 100 tickets only). After, the price will be 100€ (consult the web other special rates).

If you want to realize the pre-registration to ensure your participation in the courses and concerts, in addition to the discount corresponding to the general charge for the full weekend, it will be convenient to buy your ticket in advance.

The festival offers an option for free accommodation in the gym of Torres de la Alameda which includes toilets and showers.
When purchasing online tickets, please also request a place in the gym along with your tickets. Participants must bring their own mats, sleeping bags and towels.


The ticket sales at the festival will be available at the reception of the festival.

The reception of the festival will remain open during the following hours:

Friday (APRIL 26) 05:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Saturday (APRIL 27) 11:00 am - 02:30 pm
05:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Sunday (APRIL 28) 11:00 am - 02:30 pm

Outside these hours you can buy your ticket at the entrance door of the workshop or concert.

Information of Interest

The festival will take place in the Recinto Ferial of Torres de la Alameda (Madrid) . This town is 30 minutes by car from the center of Madrid.

During all a weekend, from 26th to 28th April 2024, Torres de la Alameda will invite to enjoy this great event designed to recover and disseminate traditional dances and the european folk music, a major challenge for the integration in diferent cultures based also in the active participation of the public...


The festival offers an option for free accommodation in the gym of Torres de la Alameda, which includes toilets and showers. When purchasing online tickets, please also request a place in the gym along with your tickets. Participants must bring their own mats, sleeping bags and towels.

Camping on the lawn of the municipal swimming pools of Torres de la Alameda, located ten minutes walk from the fairgrounds. The facilities will be available for camping from Friday at 16.00h until Sunday at 9.00pm.

Accommodation in the municipal sports facilities of Torres de la Alameda. Covered space next to the swimming pools.


In the Bar of the Festival during all the weekend there will be ecological food and drink. There will be vegetarian and meat sandwiches, pies, croissants, well as coffee, sodas, teas, wines, beers, etc. All of organic production.

In the Restaurants of Torres de la Alameda you can find several menus and taste different and rich delicacies.


Folkarria is a self-managed festival and is held thanks to the collaboration of many people as organisers, collaborators and volunteers.
If you want to get to know the festival from the inside and contribute your good work, we offer places for volunteers.
Open this form to get information and send your candidature.

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