30th April - 03th May 2020


from 30th April to 03th May 2020, Valdemorillo - Madrid (Spain)

Flyer 2020.

Folkarria eco Festi-bal is a folk music festival.

Folkarria eco Festi-bal wants to recover and extend the traditional dances as well as the European folk music, making them a tool for the integration of different cultures, combining them with actions of ecological and responsible awareness, in addition to a series of participative activities for adults and children.

The 10th edition of "Folkarria eco Festi-bal" will be hold throughout a weekend, presenting a musical offer of national and international bands. In addition there will be music and dance workshops of different parts of the world and shows of traditional Spanish folk for all public.

The festival also organizes an eco-social market, a craft market, a space for debates, exhibitions and other activities, as well as art and movement games for children and performances of traditional folk. One more year, the music and dance contest Folkarria for debutant bands is underway.



Concerts, workshops, activities...

LO BAL DE LOP (France)

Lo Lop, pronounced “Lou Loup,” is an Occitan word meaning “wolf,” the animal that howls to gather and unite the pack. Guillaume Lopez, Clément Rousse and Jordan Tisnér join forces for a nighttime dance and unite their harmonicas in a delightful fusion between musicians and dancers.

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk


With La Forcelle, we invite you for an incursion into Gascony land to the sound of Camille Raibaud's violin and Lolita Delmonteil Ayral's accordion and voice.

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk

OBAL (Spain)

Bourreé, scottish, circasian, chapeloise, muñeira, an-dro, and mazurka are some examples of rhythms in their repertoire. Through instruments of different origins, such as the bouzouki, the hurdy-gurdy and the nickelharpa, Obal establish a lively conversation with folk dances...

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk

Bargainatt (France)

Bargainatt is a dance music group inspired by the traditional European repertoire. Their proposal is a trip in company of four young musicians from the south of France. Let yourself enter into a folk dance full of energy and freshness!

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk

Castijazz (Spain)

Castijazz is the Castilian project by Carlos Soto, founder and flautist of Celtas Cortos and Awen Magic Land. Castijazz received the Agapito Marazuela award for New Creation of Folklore in April 2011. Focusing on ethnic music, Castijazz invites us on a worldwide musical journey, with Iberian rhythms and melodies as a starting point. These rhythms are enriched by all the cultures that have passed through the peninsula over the centuries as Sephardic music, Mudejar art and Celtic music intermingle with Mediterranean and Atlantic influences...

2 hours

Party house

Folk Castellano

Duo Laloy/Letron (France)

Someone probably wrote somewhere that Didier Laloy, a 13 year-old student of Bruno Le Tron, would play alongside him someday. When Laloy and Le Tron play in tandem, the result is a perfect and balanced partnership that includes dance music enriched with all their talent. There will be some balfolk classics, but some suprises as well!

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk

Ciac Boum (France)

Ciac Boum has a strong reputation among French and European dancers for offering a very unique music that breathes the joy and energy of the party. So, dancers hold yourselves well! because we Know how their concerts start but not how they end...

2 hours

Party house

Bal Folk / Música de Poitou

  • - This program can change.


Folk music from everywhere...

  • Ciac Boum

    France, Bal-Folk/Poitou

  • Obal

    Spain, Bal Folk

  • Bargainatt

    France, Bal-Folk

  • Castijazz

    Spain, Castilian Folk

  • Lo Bal De Lop

    France, Bal-Folk

  • La Forcelle

    France, Bal-Folk

  • Duo Laloy/Letron

    Belgium/France, Bal-Folk


The idea of this contest is to promote traditional folk music and dance and to serve as a platform for musical groups already involved in this area.

2020 Contest Rules

The material should be sent before 22nd of February, 2020. The 3 chosen finalists will give a live performance and a dance workshop during the Folkarria Festival. The finalists will receive 400 euros to cover the travel arrangements. The winners of the first prize will be officially invited to the following Folkarria Festival 2021.


FREE ENTRY: More than 65 years, Children from 0 to 12 years.
DISCOUNT 50% (For individual tickets): Neighbours of Valdemorillo, Children from 12 to 16 years.
DISCOUNT 20% (For individual tickets): Unemployed (with accreditation).
(*) FULL FESTIVAL (60€): First 60 tickets only during pre-sale (from 03 March to 04 April 2020)
(*) FULL FESTIVAL (65€): Pre-sale from 03 March to 04 April 2020, Unemployed (with accreditation), Neighbours of Valdemorillo, Children from 12 to 16 years.
(*) FULL FESTIVAL (price 80€): From April 05, only you can buy your tickets in the ticket office of the festival whenever there is capacity available.

Full Friday


  • Concerts of day
  • Music Workshops
  • Dance Workshops

Night Pack


  • Concerts/Bal Folk

Full Festival


* 60€ first 60 tickets only

* 80€ without discount
(in the ticket office of the festival)

  • Concerts of week-end
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Music Workshops
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Dance Workshops
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Shows
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Full Saturday


  • Concerts of day
  • Music Workshops
  • Dance Workshops


  • Castijazz Concert 15€
  • Concert/Dance 12€
  • Dance Workshop 10€
  • Music Workshop 15€
  • Contest Concert 6€



The registration period online for "Folkarria eco-Festi-Bal" will be open from 03 March to 04 April 2020 at a reduced price of 65€ * (60€ first 60 tickets only). After this date, the price will be 80€ (consult the web other special rates).

If you want to realize the pre-registration to ensure your participation in the courses and concerts, in addition to the discount corresponding to the general charge for the full weekend, it will be convenient to buy your ticket in advance through bank transfer.

The festival offers an option for free accommodation in the gym at a local school, Colegio Jara, which includes toilets and showers. When purchasing online tickets, please also request a place in the gym along with your tickets. Participants must bring their own mats, sleeping bags and towels.

Once the form is completed, you will receive an email with the amount you have to pay. Make the transfer in bank number that you will receive by e-mail. When we receive it, we confirm you the ticket purchase.


The ticket sales at the festival will be available at the reception of the festival.

The reception of the festival will remain open during the following hours:

Friday (April 30) 5:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Friday (May 01) 10:00 am - 02:30 pm
06:00 pm - 01:00 am
Saturday (May 02) 10:00 am - 02:30 pm
06:00 pm - 01:00 am
Sunday (May 03) 10:00 am - 02:30 pm
06:00 pm - 01:00 am

Information of Interest

The festival will take place in Valdemorillo (Madrid). This town is 30 minutes by car from the center of Madrid.

During all a weekend, from 30th April to 03th May 2020, Valdemorillo will invite to enjoy this great event designed to recover and disseminate traditional dances and the european folk music, a major challenge for the integration in diferent cultures based also in the active participation of the public...


Address: C/ Paz, 33

Phone: +34 91 899 02 89




Address: Plaza de la Constitución, 8

Phone: +34 91 897 74 13



Address: Ctra.M-600 Km 22.200

Phone: +34 91 899 03 00



The festival offers an option for free accommodation in the gym at a local school, Colegio Jara, which includes toilets and showers. When purchasing online tickets, please also request a place in the gym along with your tickets. Participants must bring their own mats, sleeping bags and towels. Localization


In the Bar of the Festival during all the weekend there will be ecological food and drink. There will be vegetarian and meat sandwiches, pies, croissants, well as coffee, sodas, teas, wines, beers, etc. All of organic production.

In the Restaurants of Valdemorillo you can find several menus and taste different and rich delicacies.


Underground Madrid     Underground map     Underground Prices


Valdemorillo has many bus lines that link the town with Madrid in just 45 minutes and that connect the town with neighboring town like as Collado Villalba or San Lorenzo de El Escorial. At the same time, there is a service of urban transport that communicates the historical center complex with the numerous urbanization.

641 Madrid (Moncloa)-Valdemorillo - Autocares Beltran (Tel:918651197)

642 Madrid (Moncloa)-Colmenar del Arroyo - Autocares Beltran (Tel:918651197)

645 Madrid (Moncloa)-Robledo de Chavela-Cebreros - Autocares Herranz (Tel:918969028)

669 San Lorenzo de El Escorial- Villanueva de la Cañada - Autocares Herranz (Tel:918969028)

669A San Lorenzo de El Escorial El Escorial - Autocares Herranz (Tel:918969028)

630 Villalba (Estación)-Galapagar-Colmenarejo-Valdemorillo - Autocares Julian De Castro (Tel:918424646)

Train Madrid     Train map     Train prices


Valdemorillo does not have a train station. Most stations are close to El Escorial, Galapagar or Villaba from where you can take a bus.

C8 Madrid - El Escorial/Galapagar

  • In the same train station there are buses that lead to Valdemorillo such as 669 and 669A.

C8 y C10 Madrid - Villalba

  • A three minute by walking ther is the bus station from where the 630 connect with Valdemorillo.
Ionel Iordache

+34 606 852 534

Mª José Rufo Rodrigo

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Félix Gutiérrez Martínez

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